Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you located?

Three Sisters Barn is located north of Dallas Center, Iowa on land that is part of a working farm that has been in the owner’s family since 1910.

How big is the venue?

Three Sisters Barn is 6400 square feet on the main floor with two upper rooms used for the bride, to bring the total square footage to approximately 6900. This allows occupancy of 354 guests in the building. If outside grounds are used, there is room for many more!

Can the ceremony be held outside?

Yes, there is plenty of space to hold the ceremony outside. The reception can also be outside if you wish.

How is the venue rented?

Three Sisters Barn is rented on a daily basis for one price with agreed upon starting time and exit time. Extended occupancy is available for additional fees; please inquire for details.

Are there other fees besides the rental price for the venue?

There are no hidden fees for use of the venue. Your contract will outline in detail all costs associated with rental of Three Sisters Barn.

Do you have tables, chairs, etc to rent?

Yes! There are round 60" tables that seat 8 guests and plastic resin chairs for 400 guests. There are also a few rectangular table for the wedding party. These are rented from a vendor for exclusive use at Three Sisters Barn at a flat fee of $500 no matter how many guests you have, and includes set and take down. Linens, place settings, etc are all up to you, to fit your vision of your special day. If you want a different style table you will need to contract with an outside vendor for a fee and have them approved prior to your event. The chairs and tables may not be used outside.

Will there be help to set up and take down decorations?

You will be responsible for setting up and taking down anything that is brought in by you, and your vendors will be responsible for setting up and taking down anything that is brought in by them. If you need help, we can help arrange this.

Are candles allowed?

As beautiful as candles are, they are a fire hazard and are not allowed. No open flame of any kind, including fireworks, lanterns, or lamps are allowed. There are many ways to ‘fake’ a flame these days, and we recommend use of these other ways to light your celebration.

Are there decorating restrictions?

Decorations are a very important part of your celebration and Three Sisters Barn will work very hard to accommodate your dreams. However, there must be limits placed on what is permitted to keep the venue in top shape. Sterilized birdseed, natural flower petals, bubbles,  bio-rice are allowed OUTSIDE the venue. No helium balloons, confetti, or glitter may be used for decoration in the venue. You are not permitted to affix anything to the venue using nails, staples, tape, tacks, etc. Nail and hooks have been placed throughout the venue walls and ceiling for use. Additional cleaning fees will be assessed if these items are used to decorate.

Do we have to clean up afterwards?

You will be responsible for removal of all decorations and items you brought to the barn.  You do not have to do general cleaning.  However, if the cleaning company must spend extra time to clean the barn, you may be responsible for additional cleaning fee. There are details included in the contract. 

Do you allow alcohol?

Yes, you are allowed to have alcohol at your event. Iowa law is very specific about how this is to be handled and it is detailed in the contract. You are required to have an insured bartender with liquor license to serve alcohol, . We recommend using a caterer that has this capability for simplicity.

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