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Pricing for Three Sisters Barn:
The rental fee is $5500*  ** for 3 days - Friday-Saturday-Sunday. This allows you time for decorating and a rehearsal on Friday, and time to clean up on Sunday rather than rushing to get it all done on Saturday!  The price is the same if you have 2 or 400 guests.  There are no hidden costs, no extras unless agreed upon prior to signing the contract.  The price includes cleaning*** at the end your event - you just gather your things and walk-away! 

The fee includes tables and chairs (a $500 dollar value) and set up and take down.  You will get as many round tables as you need to seat up to 400 guests (60" that seat 6-8 each), use of a 12-foot x 3.5-foot farm table, a 6-foot x 3.5-foot farm table, and 12 6-foot rectangular tables.  

Chair covers (white only) with optional spandex sash (white only) are available to rent for $1 per set, and we put them on, take them off, and do the laundry!
You know what you are getting when you book with Three Sisters Barn!


*For bookings with deposit and signed contract for three days (Fri/Sat/Sun) during peak months (April, May, June, July, August, September, October and November).

**Rental fee for 'off season' (December, January, February, March) is $4400 for three days.  

***Kitchen must be cleaned by Renter or caterer, including appliances, and outdoor trash collected.

Contact us for other options!  We will work with you!


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