Pricing for Three Sisters Barn could not be simpler!



The rental fee is $4500 for your day*. The price is the same if you have 2 or 400 guests.  There are no hidden costs, no extras unless agreed upon prior to signing the contract.  The price includes cleaning at the end your event - you just gather your things and walk-away at the end of your day! 

Tables and chairs are not owned by Three Sisters Barn, and must be rented from a specific vendor for exclusive use at the venue.  Chairs are to be rented from JLC Rentals for a flat fee of $500.  The fee includes set up and take down.  You will get as many round tables as you need to seat up to 400 guests (60" that seat 6-8 each), use of a 12 foot x 3.5 foot farm table, a 6 foot x 3.5 foot farm table, and 12 6 foot rectangular tables. 


You know what you are getting when you book with Three Sisters Barn!

*For bookings with deposit and signed contract, for Thursday/Friday booking or Saturday/Sunday booking in 2021. If there is no other booking on   your weekend, you may have the barn the ENTIRE weekend for no additional fee.  Please inquire for 2020 bookings.

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